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Daphne, in greek mythology, was a nymph, daughter of the river Peneus.She was transformed by
her father to the well-known bush in order to escape from Apollo's love. When Apollo learned
what hadhappened, he cut some branches of the plant and,in memory of the nymph,made a laurel
In ancient Greece laurel had special significance, as it mainly expressed respect and reward
for the effort. In many athletic competitions, laurel wreaths were awarded to the winning

For the body:
Laurel extract helps for the proper functioning of the stomach. The laurel oil, extracted by
mechanical pressing of the fruit, is considered helpful for rheumatic issues, muscle sprains
and arthritis.
The leaves and fruits stimulate the functions of digestion. All parts of laurel are
stimulants and in folk medicine the leaves are used as diaphoretic and anti-catarrhal. The
leaves should be shade dried.

In the kitchen:
In many villages, they use batter of leaves with chickpea flour for making a special kind of
bread (eftazymo).It is widely used as flavoring in vermouth, ice cream, sweets, bakery,
soups, pasta and canned meat.

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